control of nature-
no wonder this fallacy
tempts us mortals so

of sharing our Earth-
I wonder what plants think-
and sharing the sea?

this fork in the road-
this divergence of wonder
are the paths equal?

a gift to each child-
a sense of wonder that lasts
and compassion too

everflowing stream-
let it be water and time
and sense of wonder

one way to open-
keep wondering and asking
what if we lost this?

/ / /

These haiku and senryu were written in response to the wonder prompt at Haiku Heights.

Thanks again to Magical Mystical Teacher, who has inspired and encouraged me to write more. These poems were based on quotations I found by Rachel Carson, the author of Silent Spring and A Sense of Wonder.

Also, today is National Haiku Poetry Day.

8 thoughts on “wonder

  1. This is lovely, Richard. As soon as we’re born, we tend to define that wonder away. Your poem captures it. Excellent work linking all the pieces, though each could stand as its own gem.


  2. Richard, I caught the haiku/senryu rhythm in this, yet it did not distract me from the beauty, the quiet grace, the gratitude expressed. You call humanity to task in a way that neither bellows nor threatens. (These are qualities I would love to embrace… you know, wink) Wonderful work. Read it aloud three times. Why not phone it in (literally) to http://www.virtualpoetryreading.com and let us hear your voice? Buddah Moskowitz created the site. Peace, Amy


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