an end to hatred-
being – and realizing
our humanity

the wise climb beyond
suffering to great wisdom-
through being alive

the wise can direct
only themselves to wisdom-
be steady of thought

if you find no one-
then walk a solitary
path of your being

as irrigators-
we must follow the water
and be the water

death sweeps them away-
their time for being now done-
we must persevere

/ / /

These six senryu were written in response to the being prompt at Haiku Heights.

I have taken up the challenge posed to me by Magical Mystical Teacher to write a series of six poems. And I have also borrowed an idea from her. Each of these poems begins with a five-syllable phrase from The Dhammapada.

8 thoughts on “being

  1. Bravo! You took up my challenge in a wondrous way! The one about being an irrigator certainly describes my life as a teacher, and I suspect it describes yours too.

    Wasn’t this fun? I hope to see you do it again! šŸ™‚


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