haiku remix

this new year
     from my to ah
a new I

how soon
     of sun-melted snow
the year is bare

melted year
as guide     sun     snow     river
and baby

/ / /

These poems were written using the Haiku Discombobulater, which I learned of during PoMoSco. I used three haiku by Issa from the spring section, pages 6 to 8.

Beilenson, Peter, trans. The Four Seasons: Japanese Haiku. Mount Vernon, NY: Peter Pauper, 1958. Print.

new year gift-giving
   ah, baby at her bare breast
reaching tiny hands

   still I guess this year too
will only prove so-so

sun-melted snow
   with my stick I guide this great
dangerous river

NaPoWriMo – Day Fourteen

going through tunnel
we cannot see Devil’s Slide
also no rain now

/ / /

the sky is clear blue
off the ocean a strong wind
rain is on the way

/ / /

mist blown from the sea
by the constant onshore winds
rain on my windshield

/ / /

Inspired by the April Showers prompt at Poetic Bloomings, and the amount of time I spent in El Granada and Half Moon Bay this weekend, I submit three haiku.

haiku (9/29/12)

heavy fog
fall gently on Earth
and me today

/ / /

This poem was written in response to today’s prompt at NaHaiWriMo on Facebook.

I’ve been away for a while. Too long, I think. Thanks to some good advice and gentle prodding from a good friend, I have decided to wet my feet with poetry again.

Thanks to those of you who have visited this blog and encouraged me. I appreciate it. I hope you’re still around. I’m working on overcoming some blocks, and am just going to move forward from this point. Hope that’s okay with all of you.

The Sky

Fog clings to foothills
unwilling to descend
into the valley

Wisps of fog
I’m taken with how
they disappear

The fog murmurs
before it’s invisible
listen to it

/ / /

These haiku/senyru were written in response to an idea about looking at the sky. I incorporated words from Three Word Wednesday: cling, murmur, and taken. They are also an unintentional response to the water, water everywhere prompt from Poetic Bloomings.