Wordle 103

i project the data
that Howard requests

when he touches the screen
to move things about

he leaves a smudge
of sebum on the screen

as he munches on his breakfast
he mumbles “delicious”

an urge subroutine kicks in
but i don’t say “you’re welcome”

he merges a couple of graphs
the colors and numbers flow

he gives it an inquisitive look
and then it is gone

the chart
and the look

i display the stellar charts
for him before he asks

it’s always what
he does next

he has his own subroutines
but doesn’t notice them

he activates one of his favorite
recordings and begins to sing along

i am just a bit of technology
a unity of metals and semi-metals

i am my own mantra
or the mantras flow continuously

so i am them
or they just always are

so i too am a singer
or am singing always

/ / /

This poem was written using the words from Wordle 103 at The Sunday Whirl. It is also another poem from the perspective of the speaker of The Handbook of Nutritional Bankruptcy.

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