Everyday Miracle

it’s happening right now
I look out at the Pacific
and imagine those molecules
gaining energy and momentum
leaping from the ocean
into the air – and staying there

leaving the salt behind
fresh water floats free
no boiling required

then they move closer together
a haze that obscures the view
subdues the blue with wispy
curls of gray-white hair
a summer fog that pours in
through the Golden Gate
cumulus clouds heaped together
bright against the azure sky

rainfall in February
and then how bright
everything appears afterwards
as if the air has bathed
sun shining on wet grass

puddles for children to splash in
rivulets running against the curb
falling into paved-over streams
that lead straight to the bay
then heading out to sea
under the Golden Gate again

where the bonds of three dance
preparing to leap and fly again
more powerful than man
changing state
shaping earth
supporting life

* * * * *

This poem was written as an ode to a thing I love in nature from Big Tent Poetry.

19 thoughts on “Everyday Miracle

  1. Stan, I completely agree. The simple things in life are the best.

    Andy, thanks. I was definitely going for “everchanging” and the sea definitely plays a big role. Glad you liked it. San Francisco is a great city. (I live in a suburb south of the city, but teach in San Francisco).

    Paula, thanks. I’m glad you liked those lines. I was trying to bring it full circle.


  2. All the while, I’ve been thinking you are an English teacher, now I’m thinking maybe science. Doesn’t matter. Science is my heartbeat and English is my breath. Seems I’m receiving a lesson in one or the other every day. Keep them coming.


  3. Mike, I’m both. I teach fifth-grade students, so I teach it all: English-language arts, mathematics, science, history, etc. I love the clarity and logic of math and science, but I also love the ambiguity and right-brain wholeness (there should be a word for that) of language. So, I write poems about the water cycle, for example.


  4. Brian, thank you. I agree; it is an overlooked miracle, one that we take for granted. It is fun to play in the rain. One of the best hikes I ever took was in the rain.

    dasuntoucha, thank you. I’m partial to that line myself.


  5. Okay, read MY One Shot and you’ll get shivers, as I did from yours, at the similarities.

    And we both used these exact words..




    how cool is our poetic synchronicity this week!!

    Ocean in the heart it seems, mine the Atlantic, yours the Pacific.


  6. Vinay, thank you so much. This was very much about science trying to be poetic. Glad you thought it was fun; it was a fun poem to write. Rain is only water – and water is awesome.


  7. Mr. Walker~
    You carried me along with the raindrops, through the Golden Gate, along the city streets I love, then back into the bay from whence we came, evaporative. Absolutely lovely cadence and diction.


  8. Viv, thank you. That’s a great word. I’m glad you liked the view.

    Kim, thank you so much for the lovely comment. “Carried along” is most appropriate, I think, for what I was trying to convey.

    Pamela, thank you. I don’t often get compliments like “gorgeous”. Thanks!

    Laurie, thank you. I’ll see what I can do about sending some rain your way.

    Erin, thanks. Credit has to go to teaching the water cycle.


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