A Little Humor This Morning

The first poem for today is a limerick written in response to Mad Kane’s Limerick-Off:

A fellow with a very long name
took a wife who would share his shame.
Decided the couple:
Get naked, then couple,
To inflict on their children the same.

The second is a nursery rhyme that I wrote a few days ago. It wasn’t of the same mood and tone as the other two that I wrote, so I didn’t add it to that post.

Turkey Lurkey started to work out.
Lady Lurkey was impressed.
He was no longer plump and stout.
But she was most depressed
When her Mr. Lurkey
was made into lean jerky.

If you’d like something a little more serious today, then please check out: Flattery Is Not Forever.

11 thoughts on “A Little Humor This Morning

  1. Yeah, I like the images in Turkey Lurkey!

    When I read the Limerick I thought it said ‘Get naked, then shuffle,’ but I must’ve been reading myself into it ‘cos when I looked again it said ‘couple’ phew!


  2. Laurie, you’re welcome. Glad you chuckled.

    Mike, glad you liked the limerick. I decided to lighten up a bit and try the Limerick-Off.

    Pamela, you’re welcome. Glad you laughed.

    Viv, you’re welcome. Happy to oblige.

    Mary, thanks. I just had to lighten things up a bit. A lot of my poems lately have been very serious. This was a welcome break.

    Andy, thanks. Turkey Lurkey is all image-driven, while the limerick is word play. I hadn’t thought about that before.


  3. I’m off to the Dr. right now and this is a good send off. A few laughs. The first is a great story. I have known some strange name parings in my life and this brings it back. One of my good friends in high school, Bonnie was engaged. She would not tell us her fiance’s name..just Steve. I was a good friend, couldn’t imagine what the problem was until I got the invitation to the wedding of Bonnie Jones to Stephen Balls.
    Turkey Lurkey is a good lesson..stop working out! πŸ™‚


  4. Judy, that’s a funny story. Did she become Bonnie Balls? I like your interpretation of Turkey Lurkey – stop working out. Glad I could send you off the doctor in a good mood.


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