A sense is a feeling

Touch is a true sense / a feeling
Taste is a true sense / frozen lemonade / on a hot day / at Disneyland

But can we say that / of sight
We don’t feel the photons / hitting rods and cones
We don’t feel the molecules / of lemongrass / in our nostrils
We don’t feel the soundwaves / of Thelonious Monk / on Relaxin’ with Lee

But don’t tell me Starry Night does not move you
Or that the smell of chocolate chip cookies / baking
Doesn’t take you back / to your childhood
And / well / Monk’s touch on the piano / isn’t sublime

A thought is a sense / a memory is a sense
A dream is a sense / as is a nightmare
We have more senses / than we know / what to do with
How could we limit / ourselves to just five

/ / /

This poem was written in response to the day seven prompt at Poetic Asides to write a senses poem.

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