PoMoSco Day 13

Today’s poem: lifted

For today’s Picture It prompt, I suggest: All That’s Left by Margo Roby, The Face of War by Barbara Crary, On Adder-Bit Wings by Misky Braendeholm, Turned Away by Angela DePeau, All City by Gary Glauber, and Exaltation of Separation by Nancy Chen Long.

Yesterday, I read some poems by Angela DePeau, including: The Illumination of Childhood, and the Parental Effect, Tense Conversation, Failure, and Life Narration. I’m glad she commented on one of my poems, which led me to go read some of her poems.

2 thoughts on “PoMoSco Day 13

  1. I happened to find this post today after Googling my name, as I do sometimes especially as it’s an uncommon name (so I try to be careful about what I post anywhere online using it!). Thank you for mentioning my poems!

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