Sources and Gestures


Singing the Sources always Reveals
the previous and the Present,
what we, the called, will carry,
what Love can Limit and Lose,

the hallowed hallways we will Haunt,
the genuine Gestures we have made,
the devious dramas we Live,
the delicious Drives we envy,

who follows the fallen souls,
and what daring in their delivery,
what Help in the Hand of the adherent,
what harmony is inherent in the singing.

/ / /


The actor doesn’t like singing,
but he knows the songs are sources
of much joy and previous
pain. And though he cannot carry
a tune, he knows he cannot limit
himself to Hollywood’s hallways,
that broad gestures
may bring him to Broadway’s dramas.
Everyone knows what drives
him, that he follows
no one, that the delivery
of his lines is his hand
grasping his talent inherent.

/ / /

Two poems this week in response to Wordle 48 at The Sunday Whirl.

In both poems, I have used the words in the order in which Brenda sent them in the “early words” email. This would not be apparent from viewing the wordle at The Sunday Whirl. Don’t ask me why; it’s just what I did this time.

And this is the first time I’ve written two poems to the same wordle. “Sources” is a departure for me. When I was done writing it, I felt I wasn’t done with those words yet, thus “Gestures”, which is more like what I typically write.

25 thoughts on “Sources and Gestures

  1. I like them both, Richard. The alliteration in the second stanza of the first piece is delightful. The second piece speaks beautifully to the craft of acting. Bravo!


  2. I love the alliteration throughout the first piece and the second one, well, I’m impressed you came up with a bonus like that!


  3. I like your use of source in your first piece. Powerful and poetic- I think you have a wonderful reminder to remember to stay close the place of calm and grace. The second is equally poignant- and intriguing.


  4. I enjoyed both poems and your process notes. I have sometimes done what you have done, used the words in the order Brenda sent them. For some odd reason, this triggers my muse. both of your poems work for me…but if I had to choose a favorite of the two, I would choose #1.


    • Mary, thank you, as always for your visits to my blog and for your kind words. That process really seemed to inspire my muse; it’s the first time I’ve written two poems to the same wordle words. Glad you like the first one.



  5. Nice work, Richard. I think my favorite line is
    “who follows the fallen souls”
    The sounds when read out loud are so pleasing, and the meaning is intriguing to me.


  6. I enjoyed seeing how different the two poems are, Richard. It’s fun to play with the same words and see what different places they can take us. A little bit of Blake’s ‘Tyger! Tyger!’ in the first poem’s last stanza. The second poem I found fun because we used so many of the words in similar ways, at least, with similar intent to how they work.



  7. Yes, I thought the same as I read your first piece…a departure. But what fun to read the alliteration! 🙂 Good job on using the words a second time. And…in order…hmm…. 🙂


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