I remember

Another mountain for one day
I lonely

I say it’s only the sea
Once upon a drive

Together we could steal time
Love will conquer

We stood so high
The sea will help us

Maybe we’re lying
There’s nothing

We can be enough
We can just for one day

I wish you
Only mountains and the sea

We can lose
Nothing greater

Shame was on the other side
Forever and ever

You will drive them away
Just for one day

Overflow with all
Your one day

Just for heart
We can keep us together

We could be safer
And nothing believe

In a haystack of despair
We kissed

As though nothing could remember
(I remember)

/ / /

This is a found poem. Sources:

David Bowie. “Heroes.” Heroes, 1977.

Prince. “Mountain.” Parade, 1986.

Put your thinking cap on

Put your thinking cap on
Come get a hit

Syncopated rhymes are out
You rock ‘n rollers

When u hear my music
You won’t leave this

Thought in the air
And face the strange

In the gallows of my mind
A flow and a spray

My eyes dream big
More mouth than manure

Immune to your consultations
Expect the inner forces

Those who oppose
Never caught a flow

I am funky
Turn may change me

Aware they’re going
I won’t leave this town

Too much seekin’
It’s gettin’ tricky

Makin’ a stand
I say better way

Call upon the beat
That I’m rockin’

I don’t wanna be non-stop
I still don’t know what

Changes fascinating me
‘Cause I’ve seen the line

I’m not sayin’ I’m better
Time may change me

I give it this passion
Without a pistol, without a gun

I don’t play the one and only
Let’s get this running

I put my foot in
Turn and face the strange

Where’s your shame
Better may change me

Tell the truth
But never that

A groove with feeling
And so I turned myself

/ / /

This is a found poem. Sources:

David Bowie. “Changes.” Hunky Dory, 1971.

Prince. “My Name Is Prince.” Symbol, 1992.

constellations never fail

constellations never fail
to light the face close to mine

i find my comfort
in the sea of tranquility

heart is bright enough
cross the stars

far out / my destiny
in a moonage daydream

your space / on a sleepless moon
arms are wide enough

when / we’re worlds apart
stars / in the heart

shine on both of us

/ / /

This is a found poem. Sources:

David Bowie. “Moonage Daydream.” The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, 1972.

Prince. “The Arms of Orion.” Batman, 1989. http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/prince/armsoforion.html

moon is blue

moon is blue / thank you
drive me crazy / do

i don’t care
we love her very much

i’m stepping in your night
i can spend the night in you

six, five four, three, two
there’s nothing i can do

calling out your name
far above me

don’t care what we do
to be around you

touch the place in me
just take me

/ / /

This is a found poem. Sources:

David Bowie. “Space Oddity.” Space Oddity, 1969. http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/davidbowie/spaceoddity.html

Prince. “Take Me with U.” Purple Rain, 1984.

the paint i bought won’t dry

the paint i bought won’t dry
you can’t be too beautiful

i’m gonna show / don’t need experience
i’m more compatible with women / not girls

you just leave / they messed up
you don’t have to / leave it all up to me

and if you ever rule my world
you don’t have to be rich

i want to be your school
not your book of rules

ain’t no fantasy
gonna keep you warm and dry

/ / /

This is a found poem. Sources:

David Bowie. “Kooks.” Hunky Dory, 1971. http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/davidbowie/kooks.html

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Papa’s heroes

American / all right
you want the / we have to die for

fill life / pop
someone else’s bridge / he wants

we all / got a space

the young American / cuts his hand
showing want / life

we all got a space / on top

bread-winner begs / tell me
is that where / your money

it ain’t / that Barbie doll
but life / a woman

case of depression?
tell me / what’s the matter?

do you remember
he wants / the young American

sing falsetto
‘bout everywhere / everybody

can’t be on top
but American / all right

i want / your hands
on a bus / heaven forbid

the river / of addiction
flows / the survivors

blushing / at the thing
too young / everybody wants

needs a thrill / a child
i can hold / without cramps

he coughs / ain’t that love?
just you / and your idol

that poster love
un-American hearts / broken

where have Papa’s heroes gone?

/ / /

This is a found poem. Sources:

David Bowie. “Young Americans.” Young Americans, 1975. http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/davidbowie/youngamericans.html

Prince. “Pop Life.” Around the World in a Day, 1985.

taking you

life’s taking you / nowhere

somebody died / and everybody still wants to fly
and everybody still wants / baby

hurry / before it’s anybody
see the dawn

in walked luck / and you looked happy
let’s fall / in love

get the Times / in september
the days are young

don’t let me hear / you say
you ain’t happy

don’t cry / my sweet
don’t break / my heart

get up / my baby / run
get smart / wish
believe / all the way

wish upon
the disciples / high
on golden years

i’m begging / save her

never look back
their idea falls
the shadows fall

run / for the shadows / of fun

turn on the telly / act fine

don’t let me hear you say
life’s taking you nowhere

come / my baby / i’ll stick with you
i’ll stick with you / for a thousand years

man / that sky / life’s begun

in the back / of a dream
everyone / soul / gold

she couldn’t afford / to shine
run / for the shadows

where you once belonged

/ / /

This is a found poem. Sources:

David Bowie. “Golden Years.” Station to Station, 1976. http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/davidbowie/goldenyears.html

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the ride

i guess / i must be dumb
i saw you / peeping
as i had a pocket full

you, you, you / you’re much
what you are / you
so smooth

you must be / where your horses run free

i say / the ride
known / by the way

you parked / what have I got to lose?
and to slow down / was saturday night

you must be / where your horses run free

i guess / i should’ve closed my eyes
i had enough class / believe it or not
i’m always me

I was going / round
and love / that’s gonna last

you must be / where your horses run free
those kilometres / must too fast

i was always looking left / started to worry
i wondered / on the need
on the verge of take

i saw all the pictures / of honey
you drove me to the place / you need a love
have you got enough?

you must be / where your horses run free
baby / you’re much too fast

baby / have you got enough
‘cause if you don’t / you’re last

the jockeys / that were there before
right down to the ground / to find a love

i guess / I should’ve felt
a little ill / but it was saturday
your little red love machine

you must be / where your horses run free

you’re the kinda person / makes it right
love / that’s gonna last

/ / /

This is a found poem. Sources:

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don’t cry

a crack in the sky / and bloom
animals strike / they feel the heat
don’t cry

breakfast and coffee / too bold
for you / an ocean of violets
look out

he’s too fun / just like my father
It looks as though / they’re here for me
fire me

the picture of you / no room for me
she’s never satisfied / so cold
we scream

just leave me / leave me standing
alone / in each other
feel how

the start of a hand / reaching down
make it plain / mamas and papas
let me

the golden children / see
their faces / in golden nightmares
children see

books were found / by the golden children
the nightmares / came today
you know

it looks / as though they’re here
don’t make me / chase you
doves cry

your body / covers me
look at / your standing
wake up

maybe / you’re just like me
maybe / you’re too demanding
don’t touch

don’t you know / you’re driving
alone in awe / by a puzzled man
make way

you gotta / make way for cold
maybe / i’m just too questioned
i’m just

they’re here / my darling
written in / to stay
say it

don’t kid yourself / they belong
dream / if you can
don’t cry

/ / /

This is a found poem. Sources:

David Bowie. “Oh! You Pretty Things.” Hunky Dory, 1971. http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/davidbowie/ohyouprettythings.html

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Last June

wouldn’t be / satisfied
on a wave / of phase

weren’t no D.J. / that was you
hey, that’s far / out

so the loud sound / did seem to know
what time it was / the lights were low

weren’t no D.J. / that was you
i leaned / may land tonight

don’t tell / a good man
that’s a dead end / he said

weren’t no D.J. / that was you
the loud sound / the lights were low

don’t waste / your time
i know / the place / of your someone

weren’t no D.J. / he told me
a lonely friday night / the lights were low

be qualified / look out
waiting / in the sky

weren’t no D.J. / it was you
the lights were low / lookin’ alright

a lonely / friday night
it’s all worthwhile / he told me

weren’t no D.J. / it was you
i asked to stay / the children boogie

i had to / if she wanted to dance
come and meet us / waiting

wouldn’t be satisfied / and i said fade
came back / ‘cause he knows

and I could never see
you heard him

don’t waste your time
switch on / i know

i ran away / she couldn’t stop crying
asked me / if we could

weren’t no D.J. / it was you
let me hurt / so bad

and I could never see
you heard him

what’s on your mind / hazy cosmic jive
on my radio / tears in her eyes

couldn’t stop cryin’ / standin’ by the bar
she was all / i thought i was

/ / /

This is a found poem. Sources:

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