deliver to your home

I seek for your sincerity and trust
in a deal which involved a total of
60,000,000.00 United states dollars.

Could you do us
a really big favor
and take a minute
to say hi to some of
our lonely, but very pretty, ladies?

My wife and I
have a donation cheque
for you,
please reply back
for more details.

Someones sexy mom,
also known as a MILF,
wants to sleep
with a new man.

Couple of days ago
a message containing details
of leftover sum
was communicated to you
but never got your reply,
there is a residual sum
of $7.5 million
with you as surviving heir.

This is not
a dating offer!

We wish to inform you
of the Lottery Draw
held by National Lottery Commission
here in London
and this draw is held monthly
and tag Mega/Jackpot,
and you have been awarded
the lump sum
of Two Million Pounds.

Extremely slutty
and confident ladies,
with none of the shyness
or inhibition
that you see
in younger women.

You have won
seven hundred and fifty
Thousand Pounds Sterling
and an Apple Laptop
for our Apple Yearly Bonanza award.

Order Exclusive
Medicationz Here

The terms are very flexible
and interesting.
Kindly revert back
to me for further discussions.

Good day
I just want to inform you
that I have deposited
of USD $3,500,000
United state dollars
to the payment release officer
here in London

Read Attached message
to claim your long overdue funds.

This is to inform you
that you have been selected
for a prize of a brand new
2014 Model BMW 7 Series Car
and a Check of $500,000.00 USD
from the international balloting programs

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Deliver to your home.

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This is a found poem. Each stanza is from an email in my Junk folder. I have retained all punctuation, spelling, and capitalization as I found them. When I saw the It’s documentary, my dear Watson prompt at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie, I thought of this “archive” of emails that my email program has kept in the Junk folder for me. I don’t know if I’ve fashioned a tale or not; I’ll leave that to you to decide.