Boys don’t wear their birthstones,
especially when they’re pearls.
Well, that’s what my mom said.

Walking the halls of high school
usually filled me with foreboding.
You probably understand why.

I looked to the northern skies,
and asked the twins for guidance,
but they were silent
about my past and my future.

There was often that Frustration,
that Worry about Normalcy.
I wanted to fit in so much.
I even doubted the Love
of my Family, which I now Regret.

Walking on the beach calmed me.
I loved the sapphire waters
and the indigo sky,
though I wondered why
I couldn’t find any cerulean shells.

Why am I the way I am?
I guess it’s biology,
or it could be (horrors!) Destiny.
No, I write poems because I want to…
not because I’m destined to.

I bought myself a charm bracelet
with an alexandrite gem,
but wore it in secret.

/ / /

This poem was written in response to Reverie Twenty-One: Charm Bracelet at naming constellations.