Letter to Providence

That ever I should speak or write a title,
that tends to such an infinite liberty of conscience,
is a mistake,
and which I have ever
disclaimed and abhorred.
To prevent such mistakes,
I shall at present only propose this case:

There goes many a ship to sea,
with many hundred souls in one ship,
whose weal and woe is common,
and is a true picture of a commonwealth,
or a human combination of society.

It hath fallen out sometimes,
that both papists and protestants,
Jews and Turks,
may be embarked in one ship;
upon which supposal I affirm,
that all the liberty of conscience,
that ever I pleaded for,
turns upon these two hinges-
that none of the papists, protestants,
Jews, or Turks,
be forced to come
to the ship’s prayers or worship,
nor compelled from their own
particular prayers or worship,
if they practice any.

I further add, that I never denied,
that notwithstanding this liberty,
the commander of this ship
out to command the ship’s course, yea,
and also command that justice, peace and sobriety,
be kept and practiced,
both among the seamen
and all the passengers.

/ / /

This poem was formed in response to Miz Quickly’s prompt for day sixteen. The source of this poem is Letter to Providence written by Roger Williams in 1655.

Song Title Scramble

don’t tell me why
I am the way I am

you don’t know
how grass is better than wine

you don’t know
how to play master and servant

you don’t know
the feel of chains of love

you don’t know
my dalliances in the tunnel of love

I can’t keep coming here
I have to keep it hidden

the love you understand
frightens me

/ / /

This poem was inspired by Miz Quickly’s song title scramble prompt. I used the following songs:

Tell Me Why – The Beatles
The Song of Solomon – Kate Bush
Grass – XTC
Chains of Love – Erasure
The Tunnel of Love – Fun Boy Three

NaPoWriMo – Day One

this is no
poetry refinery – this is just
finding some poems

purse your lips
if you will – kiss them
I shall not

reel to reel –
in this digital world today
kids don’t know

there is something
pure in composing – finding words
that sing together

this is no
dribble from a leaky faucet –
collecting in sink

this is a
dribble down the soccer field –
towards the goal

/ / /

These lune poems were inspired by the seven words prompt at Miz Quickly’s. My words were: refinery, purse, reel, pure, and dribble. And, yes, the last two are supposed to go together.