The blooms on the plum tree are falling,
Their time spent as flowers gone,
In joyful anticipation of new fruit,
And spring for me too is done.

The school year rushes to a close,
Memorial Day ahead to slowly wake,
Giving us one more long weekend,
A paltry reminder of the joy of spring break.

/ / /

This poem was inspired by “May” by Sara Teasdale over at the imaginary garden with real toads.

The Opened Window

The window opened a hand’s breadth
Cool morning air / and just the right amount
Of light for waking up slowly

The train rumbling by
People already on their way to work
And I am not

The rumble fades
Birds cawing now / from nearby trees
A little writing / to welcome the day

/ / /

This poem written to the celebrating the ordinary prompt at imaginary gardens with real toads.