Well, seriously, what did you think was going to happen?

Of course, you’re on the ground, your life slipping away from you.

Did this look like some fairy-infested sylvan glade? Were there unicorns eating grass greener than you’ve ever seen in your life? Did some rainbow lead you here? Was the sky so blue, the light so pure, that you were enraptured?

Of course not.

There’s no color here, except for red. My beautiful reds. Grey doesn’t count as a color, you fool.

The fogs and mists hang about, keeping the light dim. You can’t even appreciate the beauty of my bark, the shapes, the twists and curves. Oh, they are beautiful, believe me.

But all you could see was the red. The fruit of my labors.

Didn’t your mother warn you? Don’t you know red is a warning sign?

Stupid mortal. And know you prove it.

And your body is mine for the taking. I am ready to leave this forest behind.

Your curves are not as delicious as mine, but they’ll do for now.

Oh, yes. I musn’t forget to bring some of my red with me.

/ / /

This is my first attempt at Flashy Fiction, in response to Lingering in Layers.