ELJ Write Now: 30/30 Project

seems uninterested in
what others have to say
in a conversation

seems almost obsessed
with a particular topic – cannot
interpret other’s intentions

extreme reactions to
minor upsets – cannot read emotions
of people’s faces

pursues advanced knowledge
about his interest – little interest
in other topics

difficulty being flexible –
upset by changes in routine –
lacks imaginative play

interprets things literally –
talks in overly precise manner –
uses advanced vocabulary

peculiar voice characteristics –
poor coordination – overly reactive to
sounds, lights, fabrics

have a variety
of symptoms that prevent them
from making friendships

through friendships, we
experience feelings of being liked,
valued, admired, trusted

as children grow,
friendships naturally become deeper, more
meaningful, more important

however, he has
not gained the social skills
to make bonds

excellent in thinking
about things but poor in
thinking about people

not purposely uncaring-
simply cannot walk in another
person’s emotional shoes

have trouble with
eye contact, the give and
take of conversations

while this type
of behavior is insensitive, the
intention is not

they do not
see, hear, feel emotions like
most people do

think of them
as emotionally blind, not seeing
emotions in others

/ / /

This is my take on the ELJ Write Now 30/30 Project at Facebook. I was thinking of using a source text that would allow me to write about Asperger’s Syndrome. I have chosen The Asperger’s Answer Book by Susan Ashley, Ph.D. as my source text. Then, the first prompt at NaPoWriMo was to write a lune. So, I have combined those ideas/prompts. I will be writing a lune each day in April, adding it to this post, because I foresee these short poems combining as one poem. I am planning on using the Jack Collom lune, which is a three-line poem of 3/5/3 words.