You learn theories of pedagogy

You learn theories of pedagogy
While earning your teaching credential

So many bright sparks in your mind
As you consider each new theory

But so much of that gets left behind
When you’re in the classroom

The theoretical doesn’t seem so important
When you’re standing before so many young people

Your pedagogy shifts to the methodical
The practices that will get you through the day

Then in the midst of teaching algebra
You see all the Xs as kisses rather than unknowns

Days later you’re teaching a bit of geometry
And the circles are hugs rather than areas to be determined

Your pedagogy takes on a mathematical process
Looking carefully, almost scientifically, finding solutions

But it has a creative bent, almost poetical
That acknowledges the art in the theory

And the bright sparks in the young minds
That look up to you for knowledge, not theories

/ / /

This poem was written to the theory prompt at dVerse.


flowing down the gutter / heading for the drain
but I want to rise again / to go up

so that I can fall / again
my favorite part / of the cycle

I will never reach / the stars
but up I will go / and far

watch me

/ / /

This poem written to the prompt for Quadrille 79 at dVerse

that song

what was that song that Chrissie Hynde sang?
you know the one – was that a Nick Lowe song?

or was it written by somebody else? – I can’t remember

I found the fence I had carved our initials in
the deadwood, because you wouldn’t let me carve

a symbol of our love into a living tree, not even just the bark

that should have been a give-away right there, the deadwood
a foreshadowing of our relationship, and now down to the beach

where I scrawl my hate in the sand for the waves to wash away

then I sit here at night on the edge of the dunes
staring at the faint stars amongst the coastal fog

touching the silver leaves, listening to the breakers

/ / /

So, this poem started with the May 15th Poetry Freeforall at Margo Roby’s Wordgathering. There I saw a link to Jeremy’s Daily Challenge, specifically Weekly Challenge 20. Margo had also posted a link to dVerse, which was about antithesis. So, thinking about antithesis and Jeremy’s theme prompt of “Love in music” brought me to to “Thin Line Between Love and Hate” as performed by The Pretenders. I also used the “faint stars and the silver leaves” poetic line and the quote by Napoleon Hill.