in your eyes

i see attention
in your eyes
as if you were attending
to all around you

then you look down

when you look up again
i see boredom
in your eyes
the brightness is gone
your eyes are not dull
they are still beautiful
but the shine is gone
the object of your beauty
is lost

perhaps I am seeing incorrectly
maybe you’re not bored
maybe you know this already
there is nothing new
for your eyes to attend to
to take in from the world
maybe you have turned inward
seeing a memory
has clouded your eyes

i hope that your inner vision
is clear and bright
that what you see there
that private world
fills your eyes with what you seek

/ / /

This poem was prompted by a challenge “to write about what you see in a pair of eyes” at 1sojournal for day four of NaPoWriMo.