Empty Dining Room

A mixtape playing / on the old boombox
Cookbooks on the shelf / leaning against it
Vibrating softly / the alchemy of music

Listening to Sting singing
“Moon over Bourbon Street”

The pull of the music moon / upon us both
The pull of wine / upon you
The pull of gin / upon me

The dull glow of the cloudy moon / upon us
I pull you close / a quick kiss
As the spirit / the spirits / move me

Back to cooking / its own alchemy

Part of the alchemy / of us
You with a pinch of salt
Me cracking the pepper

The music swells and subsides
Into triphop / something chill

And dinner is ready / almost without us noticing
But we eat standing up / in the kitchen
Waiting for the end / of the tape

/ / /

This poem was written to the twelve words of Wordle 396 at The Sunday Whirl.

As the reality of writing poetry again throughout April was approaching, I thought that writing a poem or two in late March was a good idea. This is one of the poems I wrote then but didn’t post at the time.

22 thoughts on “Empty Dining Room

  1. Thank you for sharing this gentle moment MW, and the wonderful song. Absolutely one of my favorites from Gordon, from my favorite album of his. “Oh you’ll never see my shade, or hear the sound of my feet…” I enjoyed the poem!

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  2. Hey – is this really you? I remember you from the ‘long ago’ in poetry, I think. Wasn’t it ‘Poetic Asides?” You have some great imagery here! Especially of the moon!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, it’s really me – I’m back at Poetic Asides as well as Poets United, dVerse, and imaginary garden with real toads, so far. Thanks for the visit. It’s good to read your words again too.


  3. I really love the imagery in this poem! ❤️ Especially; “Part of the alchemy / of us You with a pinch of salt Me cracking the pepper.” Wow! 😀

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