You learn theories of pedagogy

You learn theories of pedagogy
While earning your teaching credential

So many bright sparks in your mind
As you consider each new theory

But so much of that gets left behind
When you’re in the classroom

The theoretical doesn’t seem so important
When you’re standing before so many young people

Your pedagogy shifts to the methodical
The practices that will get you through the day

Then in the midst of teaching algebra
You see all the Xs as kisses rather than unknowns

Days later you’re teaching a bit of geometry
And the circles are hugs rather than areas to be determined

Your pedagogy takes on a mathematical process
Looking carefully, almost scientifically, finding solutions

But it has a creative bent, almost poetical
That acknowledges the art in the theory

And the bright sparks in the young minds
That look up to you for knowledge, not theories

/ / /

This poem was written to the theory prompt at dVerse.

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