When we were little
We were told
To color inside the lines

We did what we were told
To the best of our ability

What we were permitted to do

We were told the rules
And we were told to follow them

Perhaps we were taught the rules
By modeling
By example
Through a story

We were handed an invisible license
To act the way we were told

We colored in the bubble letters
Of that license
In our imaginations

Some neatly
Some sloppily

We printed our name
On the line

We did not know cursive yet
Signatures a sign of adulthood

We did our best to make the letters neatly
To have the right spacing
Between letters
And then between words

We were told which way
The lines were to face

The solid lines and the dotted lines
Were our guides

We were given a license to write
And ones for spelling and punctuation

And we were given a license to read

When we were older
We were told
To think outside the box

Now we were supposed
To ignore the lines

And the invisible license
We were given this time
Was blank

/ / /

This poem was written to the day nineteen prompt at Poetic Asides to write a license poem.

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