Mine Monotonous fore Dramatic

Two bees are knot two bees. What is teh kwestion?
Weather its knobler inn teh mine too suffrage
Teh swings and arroz of inrageous fore-toon,
Oar two fake arms afresht uh see of tribbles
And buy posing anthem. Two dice—two sheep,
Noh moor; and buy uh sheep too says wee end
Teh hart-ake and teh thousand island schlocks
What flash is air too: its uh consomme
Devoured two bees fished. Two dice, two sheep;
Two sheep, percent two cream—eye, theirs teh nub:
Four in what sheep of debt that creams can cone,
Then wee have shuffleboard this mortgage oil,
Mush give uhs paws—theirs teh inspect
What makers calamari of sew long strife.

/ / /

Dis pome wuz ritten fore teh day forteen promped at NaPoWriMo too rite uh poem dat inn-corps-per-rates homofones, homografs, and homonimz.

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