I sat upon the rock / just down from the bridge
that confirmation / of civilization
to which I had turned my back
to put the river before me / to study

the shadow of the bridge / was around me / upon the water

could I escape it / even for a short time?
when the road and the bridge / bring you to wilderness
civilization has carried you there / hasn’t it?
as much as your own feet / your own power?

that drive / to watch the water flow
to hear the water / to contemplate
its shallows / and its depths

isn’t the river itself a road? a bridge?
or is that missing the point?
doesn’t the metaphor fail?

what do i bring back from that rock?
that river? that shadow?

how am I different?
am i different?

and have I captured that here?

/ / /

This poem written in response to the day two prompt at NaPoWriMo to resist closure by ending on a question.

4 thoughts on “River

  1. this poem touches an oft made-separate point of view, here now with some bow to wonder that two are not two, but one. as you suggest, a bridge, but that’s internal, isn’t it? and is what’s perceived as new sight – was there all along when we loosen our grip on perceptions. worth more study I might think.


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