Spring Break

Morning instructions for child:
Pee / clean up spatterings
Pour cereal / pour milk
Clean up spilled milk
Find cartoons on cable / eat cereal
Keep volume down / avoid waking teen

Morning instructions for teen:
Sleep / keep sleeping
Miss most of morning / and social interactions
Grumpily ask for cereal / when you do wake
though little brother got his own / hours ago
Decide between demanding TV for video games
or going back to bed to watch YouTube

Morning instructions for parents:
Sleep as late as you can
though you’ll probably wake up
at your usual alarm time
Be recumbent / enjoy this as long as possible
Try to fall back asleep
Haul yourself from bed
when call of bladder is too strong
or the call of coffee
Grumble to yourself / about what aches you
Pee / marvel at toilet cleanliness
Peek in teen’s room / marvel at quiet
Go back to bedroom
The coffee can wait

/ / /

This poem was written to two prompts: the morning prompt at Poetic Asides and the instruction prompt at NaPoWriMo.

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