We’re here

We’re here
to speak for
and against

Books are fun. Books
are wonderful. They
make me feel
at home
in the world. They
tell me things
I want to know, and
then I ask more
The more curious
I am, the more
they tell me. They
make me want
to do,
to be. They
let me be
myself and someone else
at the same time. They
make me
laugh. They make me
cry. They
make me
sing with joy,
with loving, with living.

What children admire
they emulate.
Through good books
and the characters
met in them,
children may learn
patterns of kindness and gentleness,
realize that they can be courageous
and strong without violence,
identify themselves with independence
and achievement,
feel a desire
to cherish and protect,
which is the greatest element
of love.

One age’s rubbish
may well become
another age’s classics.

/ / /

This is a found poem. Source: Heins, Ethel; Field, Carolyn W.; Sedney, Frances V. “For and Against Rubbish.” Innocence and Experience: Essays and Conversations on Children’s Literature, compiled and edited by Barbara Harrison and Gregory Maguire, Lothrop, Lee, & Shepard Books, 1987, pp. 506-515.

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