Put your thinking cap on

Put your thinking cap on
Come get a hit

Syncopated rhymes are out
You rock ‘n rollers

When u hear my music
You won’t leave this

Thought in the air
And face the strange

In the gallows of my mind
A flow and a spray

My eyes dream big
More mouth than manure

Immune to your consultations
Expect the inner forces

Those who oppose
Never caught a flow

I am funky
Turn may change me

Aware they’re going
I won’t leave this town

Too much seekin’
It’s gettin’ tricky

Makin’ a stand
I say better way

Call upon the beat
That I’m rockin’

I don’t wanna be non-stop
I still don’t know what

Changes fascinating me
‘Cause I’ve seen the line

I’m not sayin’ I’m better
Time may change me

I give it this passion
Without a pistol, without a gun

I don’t play the one and only
Let’s get this running

I put my foot in
Turn and face the strange

Where’s your shame
Better may change me

Tell the truth
But never that

A groove with feeling
And so I turned myself

/ / /

This is a found poem. Sources:

David Bowie. “Changes.” Hunky Dory, 1971.

Prince. “My Name Is Prince.” Symbol, 1992.

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