I remember

Another mountain for one day
I lonely

I say it’s only the sea
Once upon a drive

Together we could steal time
Love will conquer

We stood so high
The sea will help us

Maybe we’re lying
There’s nothing

We can be enough
We can just for one day

I wish you
Only mountains and the sea

We can lose
Nothing greater

Shame was on the other side
Forever and ever

You will drive them away
Just for one day

Overflow with all
Your one day

Just for heart
We can keep us together

We could be safer
And nothing believe

In a haystack of despair
We kissed

As though nothing could remember
(I remember)

/ / /

This is a found poem. Sources:

David Bowie. “Heroes.” Heroes, 1977.

Prince. “Mountain.” Parade, 1986.

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