taking you

life’s taking you / nowhere

somebody died / and everybody still wants to fly
and everybody still wants / baby

hurry / before it’s anybody
see the dawn

in walked luck / and you looked happy
let’s fall / in love

get the Times / in september
the days are young

don’t let me hear / you say
you ain’t happy

don’t cry / my sweet
don’t break / my heart

get up / my baby / run
get smart / wish
believe / all the way

wish upon
the disciples / high
on golden years

i’m begging / save her

never look back
their idea falls
the shadows fall

run / for the shadows / of fun

turn on the telly / act fine

don’t let me hear you say
life’s taking you nowhere

come / my baby / i’ll stick with you
i’ll stick with you / for a thousand years

man / that sky / life’s begun

in the back / of a dream
everyone / soul / gold

she couldn’t afford / to shine
run / for the shadows

where you once belonged

/ / /

This is a found poem. Sources:

David Bowie. “Golden Years.” Station to Station, 1976. http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/davidbowie/goldenyears.html

Prince. “Sign ‘O’ the Times.” Sign ‘O’ the Times, 1987. http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/prince/signothetimes.html

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