Papa’s heroes

American / all right
you want the / we have to die for

fill life / pop
someone else’s bridge / he wants

we all / got a space

the young American / cuts his hand
showing want / life

we all got a space / on top

bread-winner begs / tell me
is that where / your money

it ain’t / that Barbie doll
but life / a woman

case of depression?
tell me / what’s the matter?

do you remember
he wants / the young American

sing falsetto
‘bout everywhere / everybody

can’t be on top
but American / all right

i want / your hands
on a bus / heaven forbid

the river / of addiction
flows / the survivors

blushing / at the thing
too young / everybody wants

needs a thrill / a child
i can hold / without cramps

he coughs / ain’t that love?
just you / and your idol

that poster love
un-American hearts / broken

where have Papa’s heroes gone?

/ / /

This is a found poem. Sources:

David Bowie. “Young Americans.” Young Americans, 1975.

Prince. “Pop Life.” Around the World in a Day, 1985.


taking you

life’s taking you / nowhere

somebody died / and everybody still wants to fly
and everybody still wants / baby

hurry / before it’s anybody
see the dawn

in walked luck / and you looked happy
let’s fall / in love

get the Times / in september
the days are young

don’t let me hear / you say
you ain’t happy

don’t cry / my sweet
don’t break / my heart

get up / my baby / run
get smart / wish
believe / all the way

wish upon
the disciples / high
on golden years

i’m begging / save her

never look back
their idea falls
the shadows fall

run / for the shadows / of fun

turn on the telly / act fine

don’t let me hear you say
life’s taking you nowhere

come / my baby / i’ll stick with you
i’ll stick with you / for a thousand years

man / that sky / life’s begun

in the back / of a dream
everyone / soul / gold

she couldn’t afford / to shine
run / for the shadows

where you once belonged

/ / /

This is a found poem. Sources:

David Bowie. “Golden Years.” Station to Station, 1976.

Prince. “Sign ‘O’ the Times.” Sign ‘O’ the Times, 1987.

the ride

i guess / i must be dumb
i saw you / peeping
as i had a pocket full

you, you, you / you’re much
what you are / you
so smooth

you must be / where your horses run free

i say / the ride
known / by the way

you parked / what have I got to lose?
and to slow down / was saturday night

you must be / where your horses run free

i guess / i should’ve closed my eyes
i had enough class / believe it or not
i’m always me

I was going / round
and love / that’s gonna last

you must be / where your horses run free
those kilometres / must too fast

i was always looking left / started to worry
i wondered / on the need
on the verge of take

i saw all the pictures / of honey
you drove me to the place / you need a love
have you got enough?

you must be / where your horses run free
baby / you’re much too fast

baby / have you got enough
‘cause if you don’t / you’re last

the jockeys / that were there before
right down to the ground / to find a love

i guess / I should’ve felt
a little ill / but it was saturday
your little red love machine

you must be / where your horses run free

you’re the kinda person / makes it right
love / that’s gonna last

/ / /

This is a found poem. Sources:

David Bowie. “Always Crashing in the Same Car.” Low, 1977.

Prince. “Little Red Corvette.” 1999, 1982.