don’t cry

a crack in the sky / and bloom
animals strike / they feel the heat
don’t cry

breakfast and coffee / too bold
for you / an ocean of violets
look out

he’s too fun / just like my father
It looks as though / they’re here for me
fire me

the picture of you / no room for me
she’s never satisfied / so cold
we scream

just leave me / leave me standing
alone / in each other
feel how

the start of a hand / reaching down
make it plain / mamas and papas
let me

the golden children / see
their faces / in golden nightmares
children see

books were found / by the golden children
the nightmares / came today
you know

it looks / as though they’re here
don’t make me / chase you
doves cry

your body / covers me
look at / your standing
wake up

maybe / you’re just like me
maybe / you’re too demanding
don’t touch

don’t you know / you’re driving
alone in awe / by a puzzled man
make way

you gotta / make way for cold
maybe / i’m just too questioned
i’m just

they’re here / my darling
written in / to stay
say it

don’t kid yourself / they belong
dream / if you can
don’t cry

/ / /

This is a found poem. Sources:

David Bowie. “Oh! You Pretty Things.” Hunky Dory, 1971.

Prince. “When Doves Cry.” Purple Rain, 1984.

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