In the morning papers

If he poured his heart
Silhouettes and shadows
In the morning papers
Like wine / she could drink

Let me play it
For the raindrops in your hair
In the morning papers
Draw the blinds / on brains

When they don’t understand the situation
They who speculate
In the morning papers
Should we wish / on every wave

And it’s no game
Couples against the road
In the morning papers
And it breaks / to love

Documentaries on refugees
No more free steps to heaven
In the morning papers
Should we ask / the way

People have their fingers broken
Every schoolboy’s fantasy
In the morning papers
Put a bullet / on your face

Contemplate the entire universe
In my walk down the oceanside
In the morning papers
So where’s the moral / when man wrote it there

The moonlight on your face
Or just the raindrops
In the morning papers
Somebody help me / sing it now

/ / /

This is a found poem. Sources:

David Bowie. “It’s No Game (Part One)” Scary Monsters, 1980.

Prince. “The Morning Papers.” Symbol, 1992.

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