astrological autobiography

The sun shines
On a young wanderer emerging from the woods
Gazing at far cities

At night, the moon is reflected
In the windshield of a man driving his car
Madly racing with a train

A message is delivered
To a group of serenaders
Making merry

A father watches
As his young child leans over a pond
To catch a goldfish

The warrior stands guard
As his two children
Study their lessons together

/ / /

This poem came from Impromptu #11 by Matt Trease at The Found Poetry Review.

I went to the website he recommended and got my birth chart. My sun sign is Gemini, and my ascendant sign is Cancer. I took the five symbols – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter – within Gemini and Cancer to find text for my poem. I used the link to the Sabian Symbols Matt Trease provided and took my text from those descriptions. I did alter some of the text, as well as adding language to connect one of the symbols to each of the stanzas.

1 thought on “astrological autobiography

  1. So very sorry I missed your comment early in the month. My only excuse is that it was all so hectic, writing up prompts and then trying to respond to them in some sort of comprehensive manner. I really like what you did here. The prompt sounds rather complicated (the kind I seem to be drawn to) and yet your result is straight on and makes all kind of sense out of a complicated issue. Glad to know you are still at it, and doing a wonderful job,


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