set apart for silence

a summer tan
and a winter windburn

shy, bashful, mysterious,
yet only so-so:

speak to the branches
of spring

is there any way
of measuring love?

givings and forgivings,
gettings and forgettings

keepsakes and room rent,
snow, rain, storms can help-

passion may call
for a partner
to share

to weave
lyrics begotten
on lush lips

spill and spend
search and save
with silence and content

there must be a place
a room and a sanctuary
set apart for silence

there must be substance here
and bending
to be never broken

talking to yourself
a talk worth keeping

like a book read
over and over again

ask for a message
and listen and wait

from bud to bloom
blend and go

/ / /

This poem was written in response to Impromptu #7 by Simone Muench at The Found Poetry Review. This is a cento that is a self-portrait, or anthology of my life, written using lines from Carl Sandburg’s collection, Honey and Salt. Specifically, I used lines from the following poems: Honey and Salt; Alone and Not Alone; Love Is a Deep and a Dark and a Lonely; Almanac; The Evening Sunsets Witness and Pass On; Deep Sea Wandering; Evening Sea Wind; and Foxgloves.

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