no sense of time

no sense of time
weekday? weekend?
no structure of school
how many days
was it?
     my mom remembers

the boys that teased me
that first night
older? younger?
just bullies?
     or was it the place?

that girl
who died
was it cancer?
what kind was it?
     her parents remember

were there windows
in all the rooms?
i can’t see them
     fear of heights or
     other fears?

my eighth birthday
i don’t remember what presents I got
or asked for
or the kind of cake
     probably wished
     to be home

how many days
in isolation?
i called it solitary confinement
like Hilts and Ives
in the cooler
     had I seen The Great Escape
     with my dad yet?
     he would remember

/ / /

This poem comes from Impromptu #8 by Harold Abramowitz at The Found Poetry Review:

Write something you cannot remember: a memory of something – a story, an anecdote, a song, another poem, a recipe, an episode of a television program, anything, that you only partially or imperfectly remember. Write multiple versions, at least 6, of this memory.

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