The Four of Us

They stood behind the black line on the wood floor, looking at the painting. He, of the dark blue trousers, stood to the side, watching the black line, their feet, and their hands. The painting was large, but the placard on the right, too, called for attention. It was like a housewarming party. I sat on a bench across the room and didn’t feel warm at all.

/ / /

This prose poem was written in response to Impromptu #6 by Noah Eli Gordon:

Write a prose poem of five sentences. The first sentence should include a pronoun
(not “I”) doing something that itself includes an image/object. The 2
nd sentence should have a different pronoun doing something else with the same image/object. The 3rd sentence should be a statement about this image/object. For the 4th sentence, write a simile that is unrelated. In the 5th, use “I” and relate part of the simile to the original statement.

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