It’s November

Halloween is over.

That means three things. One, it’s time for NaNoWriMo. Two, it’s time to start thinking about food for Thanksgiving. Vegan food! And, three, it’s time for Christmas music just about all the time. I don’t listen to Christmas music when writing. Other than that, I’m annoying my older son by playing Christmas music in the car; he does not share my love of Christmas music. His loss.

I wasn’t sure I’d be participating in NaNoWriMo this year. But, I decided if I didn’t I’d regret it. I normally do a lot of planning. That backfired this year. I didn’t plan enough for the novel I wanted to write, and I realized that it would require a great deal more planning to do it justice. In other words, a terrible novel to try and write in a month. So, instead, I’m writing a different novel that is very nebulous in my brain. And I’m doing it without any planning. I’m totally flying by the seat of my pants.

Wish me luck. I may need it this year.


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