I am surprised      this magical day
I meant      to get partial credit for that

the graduation ceremony      was empty
see the bookkeeper      for the reasons

to learn      to become a writer
a dazzling move      typing and sorting triplicate forms

not very stimulating      but it paid the bills
if you want to be an artist      you have to give up your dreams

of swimming pools      of bragging
and maybe also      a tiny fortune

society promised      the throbbing anxiety
the respect of colleagues      low-grade fame

these things will save you      the culture lies
manage to keep down      dozens

dreams      connection
hallowed ground      only spirit feeds

/ / /

This found poem was crafted from a commencement speech given by Anne Lamott, later reprinted on Salon. It was prompted by the Graduation poetry prompt at The Found Poetry Review.

Lamott, Anne. “Let Us Commence.” Saloncom RSS. Salon, 6 June 2003. Web. 27 May 2015.

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