the light

i wanted to gravel / the sun / to roar at it
to make it hurt / as i hurt / my blood rushing / my thoughts rushing

grieving my father / longing to talk to him / once more
to hear his prodigal praise again / to live up / to how he saw me

to remember / what I learned from him
to find that again / and treasure it

to walk away from the tavern / and the noise / and the alcohol
to enter the church / embrace the silence / and light some candles

/ / /

This poem was written to Whirligig 7 at Sunday’s Whirligig.

20 thoughts on “the light

  1. Because of the biblical story, we often equate “prodigal” with “wayward.” But here you have used its original meaning: lavish. O that more of us would hear prodigal praise from our parents–and that we parents would be prodigal in praise of our children!

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