the light

i wanted to gravel / the sun / to roar at it
to make it hurt / as i hurt / my blood rushing / my thoughts rushing

grieving my father / longing to talk to him / once more
to hear his prodigal praise again / to live up / to how he saw me

to remember / what I learned from him
to find that again / and treasure it

to walk away from the tavern / and the noise / and the alcohol
to enter the church / embrace the silence / and light some candles

/ / /

This poem was written to Whirligig 7 at Sunday’s Whirligig.


20 thoughts on “the light

  1. We wish…full of emotion. This piece touches emotions some of us (me) like to hide.

    Thanks, maybe one day we can be the river.

    • Thanks for reading and commenting. I’ve struggled many times to put into words how I feel about my father and his absence. I think there’s more to say, but this helped.

  2. Very nicely done. It flows smoothly and the words fit just right. I too would like to talk to my father again–it has been so many years now.

  3. Because of the biblical story, we often equate “prodigal” with “wayward.” But here you have used its original meaning: lavish. O that more of us would hear prodigal praise from our parents–and that we parents would be prodigal in praise of our children!

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