everyone always

is it The Goal / that is the problem
if you achieve that Goal / then another Goal appears
is that what makes you / a Failure
is your Identity / so tied / to your Goals

is that what / you have been doing
wallowing in / the cesspool of success
and has your doing / defined your being

we’re uncomfortable / with uncertainty
but what else is the world / filled with

is it your discursive thought / that is the problem
aren’t you the problem / your own worst enemy
go meditate / on that

when will you embrace / the nonduality / of success and failure
failure / failure / failure / success / repeat

what is failure / but a step to success

could you follow / the flow of success / from goal to goal
one goal / naturally succeeding another

isn’t that the algorithm
did you forget / the process / because of The Goal
you found The Solution / but then there’s a new problem
something new / to be solved / and resolved

you chose / the wrong strategy / you failed
choose another strategy / fail again
choose yet another strategy / that one works / success

this is the way / of the ten thousand things
this is the Edison way / of ten thousand ways / that won’t work

some parents fret / when their child is confused
yet confusion is a good state / ripe with potential

bite a pear too soon / hard / unsweet
be patient / trust in the process
it will ripen to sweetness / running down your chin

what value success / without knowing / the taste of bitter
nothing lasts / the bitter will fade
nothing lasts / the sweet will fade
hunger will return / after satiety
go / eat another meal / enjoy

the fact is / no one never / succeeds

/ / /

So, on Tuesday, on her Poem Tryouts: To Succeed and To Fail, Margo Roby posed a prompt of conveying a truth about success or failure. This is my third poem to that prompt. Apparently, I have a thought or two about success and failure.

4 thoughts on “everyone always

  1. Hah! Yes. I think you have it all (although, there is a tiny chink… tiny, that I can feel). I love this: ‘go meditate / on that’. You are very good at changing your speaker’s tome of voice, as he works through an argument. It’s one of the things I most enjoy when it appears in your poetry.

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    • Margo, thank you for such a thoughtful prompt. Yes, I think I may have overworked this one. Tried one direction, and then another. The combination of the two seems to me now a mistake; perhaps this is the chink you feel.

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