we are the leaning men

we are the leaning men
hollow together

we examined diversity level
in biological soil crusts
along a southward
rainfall gradient

the hallow ground spell
may be cancelled
by the mystic
but why would they
completely ruin it
with pestilence

a delicious recipe
for purple donkey punch
with Everclear
Absolut Mandarin vodka
Captain Morgan Parrot Bay coconut rum
and pineapple juice

the data on the feeble-minded
is inaccurate and meager
the age limit for admission
remained at twenty-one

the consolation
of your life
is your breath

/ / /

A found poem using Google search results for the following six phrases: hollow leaning, southward soil, feeble twenty, purple donkey, mystic pestilence, and consolation breath. The twelve words came from Whirligig 6 at Sunday’s Whirligig.


18 thoughts on “we are the leaning men

  1. So you put the phrases in google and came up this is? Excellent poem and a great why to tackle the challenge. Thanks for the idea.

  2. i enjoy your style and this poem.

    Thanks for visiting.

    When I click your name it goes to your old blog but I found my way.

    rest well. Create.

    • I’m glad you found your way here. Yes, it seems I still have a Blogger name link that takes people to my old blog. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

  3. I like your idea! I have been trying to come up with odd phrases to look up. They all seem to be rock bands or computer software (no matter how off the wall I go). I will try your method for finding the phrases. (the drink recipe sounds rather good :-D)

    • Margo, thank you. It has been fun experimenting with found poetry ideas with wordle prompts. It is amazing how odd phrases do steer you towards bands or software or drink recipes – sometimes useful and sometimes not.

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