PoMoSco Plus Three

Here are some poems by Margo Roby, fellow Poetry Month Scout, that I recommend:

I am grateful to Margo for introducing me to PoMoSco, and I am so glad that I signed up. I always enjoy writing/drafting thirty poems (or more) in April for National Poetry Month, but this was a particularly enjoyable experience. Margo also found the time to read my poems, leave me encouraging comments, as well as link to many of my poems on her blog, all of which I am grateful for. Anything I can do to return the favor, I’ll do.

I thought May would be a good month to read more poems on the PoMoSco site, and to continue to link to poems that I’ve enjoyed reading, ones that I think others will enjoy as well. Who better to start with than Margo Roby.

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