PoMoSco Plus Two

So, foolish me, putting too much on my plate. Not only did I sign up to be a Poetry Month Scout, which was the best month camping trip on Poetry Mountain ever, but I signed up for How Writers Write Poetry 2015, a free online course from the International Writing Program at The University of Iowa.

In keeping up with PoMoSco, I didn’t start How Writers Write Poetry 2015 on time, and I’ve fallen behind in the assignments. In fact, some of them are past due and I won’t be able to complete them for credit. But I’ll still work on them for my own satisfaction. I just finished watching the first video, which I recommend. You can find it, Introduction to Notebooking, on YouTube.

I’m going to spend today reading some poems at PoMoSco. Poets, don’t be surprised if I share your poems on Twitter.


4 thoughts on “PoMoSco Plus Two

  1. I really enjoyed my time together with you and the others in April, Richard. You turned out some great poems. I need to catch up on some reading and commenting, too.


  2. Ohhh…I’d forgotten about that course. I’d thought about doing it. (Oh well.) Best to you as you stay connected to the poetry world beyond April!

  3. Richard, I’m poking along in HWWP, too, and never intended to do anything for credit, given the $50 fee. As Misky says, the videos are wonderful and the assignments help you understand them even better. The platform they use isn’t particularly user-friendly anyway, so even if you try some things out for your own satisfaction, it’s definitely worth it.

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