PoMoSco Day 27

today’s poem: judgmental in trusting

More poems Spaced Out:

I just wanted to say thank you to the people who have been regularly reading my poems and leaving such lovely comments: Margo Roby, Misky Braendeholm, Gary Glauber, and Barbara Crary. I encourage you to read some (or all) of their poems on the PoMoSco website. I have enjoyed reading their poems, and I think you will too.

(I just want to point out here that the paragraph above was written yesterday. And when I logged on this morning to post this blog entry, the four poets mentioned above had already read my poem for today and left comments for me. Again, I am so grateful for this community of poets that I get to be a part of.)

As we are only days away from the end of this month of writing found poems – and I have finished drafting thirty poems – I am in a reflective state in terms of the poems I have been reading this month.

(I have been so much focused on writing, which has been pleasurable; don’t get me wrong. These writing prompts have been so inspirational. I have so many more tools in my poetry toolbox now.)

I have to say how much inspiration I’ve found in reading others’ poems, from the wonderful poems themselves, to how some of the poets have interpreted the prompts, to the source texts they chose. While I’ve been mining, so have so many others. And many of them have found some gems. And we’ve surfaced from the shafts and tunnels to share stories with each other. I hadn’t previously given much thought to that aspect of this project. But now I am. And I’m grateful for it.

There is no way I can read all the poems that have been submitted, nor do I expect dozens and dozens of people to read my poems, but I am grateful for all that is out there. I’ve learned much from drafting these poems, and I’m still learning from reading what others have shared. I spent some time over this past weekend reading poems and leaving comments. There are so many more poems for me to read, as well as other poets that I’m thinking I will be mentioning here. So stay tuned. The PoMoSco website will be available through the end of May; there’s lots more poetry ahead!

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