resonant rash

resonant and dissonant leadership
are connected concepts

whether it’s because of a person
or an incident or the weather in general

in the summer,
a diaphanous silk dress
is often the go-to frock

shop outside the big box
for iridescent hair clip
from thousands
of independent designers

unique fabric is the velour
printed in pretty designs
as a combination

I’d estimate that one third
of all the handbags
and purses we receive
have ink stains
on the interior lining(s)

an oil based one-step stain
that provides durable protection

shade painting
is caused
when there is
a constriction
or narrowing
of small blood vessels
in the surface
layers of the skin
creating a mottled
lace-like rash

/ / /

This poem was written in response to the twelve words at Sunday’s Whirligig.

Process notes: This is a found poem. I paired dissonant weather, diaphanous velour, iridescent clip, ink purse, shade stain, and mottled lace. I ran a search on Google on each of those two-word phrases, and then used words in the search results to craft this poem.

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