PoMoSco Day 23

Today’s poem: Grade 5

I must be tired – or getting old. I’ve been posting links on Twitter – as well as retweeting posts from PoMoSco. In doing so this past week, I’ve looked at poems again which I know I left a comment on. I recognized the title of the poem, clicked on the link to look at the poem again on the PoMoSco site – you know, just to be sure – scrolled down, and discovered that my comment was not there. Which is odd, because many of these are poems that I liked and linked to on my blog.

I think I know what I’ve been doing, so my apologies to any poets for not leaving a comment on your poem; this is something that I’ll rectify this weekend and/or in May. When I decide to link to a poem from this blog, I start writing a comment, but don’t post my comment right away, because that changes the URL, which I need to modify before copying it to post here. I think what I’ve been doing is starting to write a comment, copying the URL, and then forgetting to go back to the poem to submit my comment, which is why they’re not showing up later.

I’m always telling my students not to multi-task. Maybe I should listen to my own advice. Or maybe I haven’t had enough coffee yet. Or maybe I’m starting to have senior moments. Isn’t getting older fun?

Along those same line: I was working on some poems last night, including scheduling some for future posting, and realized I had accidentally posted something, which I intended to be scheduled: look. This is a poem that’s actually supposed to be for tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “PoMoSco Day 23

  1. You should try tired AND old, Richard. I know exactly what you are talking about, because after I make my comment on a piece, I close the page and reopen it to get the ‘clean’ URL. It’s easier than trying to keep track. Good luck.

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