PoMoSco Day 17

Today’s poem: you who held me all your life

Generally, for me, there’s a lot of cutting in crafting a found poem. But for this prompt, Spelling B, I went all out – lots of iterations and a long, for me, poem with many sections. It was good to stretch out with this one, really get out of my comfort zone.

I only have time in the morning for a few poems to read, so here are some I read this morning before work: Those Thump Stick Poems by Misky Braendeholm, The Riot by Gary Glauber, landscape world never lonely by Margo Roby, and Eyewitness by Barbara Crary.

Yesterday, I posted that I would read more poems later in the day. That was a lie. I was so tired after taking my son to the Open House for the middle school he’ll attend next year that I never made it back to the PoMoSco website. I’m hoping to do a little catching up this weekend, but in the meantime, I did read some more poems this morning.

From yesterday, I do recommend The Growler by Misky Braendeholm, Heart troubles in our native land by Gary Glauber, Enter Here by Margo Roby, and With God on Our Side by Barbara Crary.

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