PoMoSco Day 11

Today’s poems: one child, three parents, five grandparents

I typically go read poems from poets that I have begun to follow, as well as returning the favor of poets who have read my poems and left me a comment, which is a good way to find new poets to follow.

I’m trying something new this morning. Today, I’m going to click on some links and “Read Some More PoMoSco Poems” suggested at the bottom of the page of poems I do read, starting with one recommended on my own poem’s page.

My first discovery today was Lady Part by Sarah Sloat, followed by Haiku Roku by Mary Bast, Another Morning by Suzzette Dawes, With no journey to / How soon it must wild by Nathalie Boisard-Beudin, James and Jack by Pamela Sayers, Blackberry Crumbs by Monica Reardon, and Lunacy by Gary Glauber.

It was fun stumbling by accident on poems by Pamela Sayers and Gary Glauber, poets who I have been following during PoMoSco. I also suggest you read: Basho Anew by Margo Roby, type cast by Barbara Crary, Daybreak cures by Daniel Ari, along by Laurie Kolp, deep by Misky Braendeholm, and Triptych by Andrea Janelle Dickens.

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