PoMoSco Day 9

Today’s poem: local pianist

I am posting very late today. I usually schedule my poem for posting the night before, but my son highjacked my laptop for a homework assignment last night. (I’m a teacher, so I really can’t complain, but grumble grumble grumble.) This gives me time to read a few poems in the morning before work and then prepare a post here on my blog. This morning, I managed to get my poem posted before I left for work, but I had no time to read anyone else’s poems.

Thanks to Margo Roby for reading my poem and leaving a comment. She was even kind enough to link to my poem on her blog post for today: PoMoSco Day 9, along with a complimentary comment. Margo is awesome: a talented poet and a first-rate person. Though we’ve never met in person, I count her a friend; and I am grateful to her for introducing me to PoMoSco. As anyone who follows this blog knows, there was a poetry drought there for a while, and now the water is flowing. I cannot adequately express my gratitude to Margo for inspiring me to write poetry again.

Not surprisingly, I think you should go read Margo’s poem: For Power: For Themselves; she’s too hard on her own poetry. I also recommend the following: all the American efforts to build a better world by james w. moore, To See Anything by Scott Wiggerman, And So by Misky Braendeholm, Two sonnets in turns by Daniel Ari, and Private Lives by Barbara Crary.

2 thoughts on “PoMoSco Day 9

  1. Richard, thank you. As I count you as a friend, I’m glad to hear it’s mutual. You will find the poetry flows for quite a while. I have found this challenge jumpstarts something. Thus, if I am dry for a month, or so, I tell myself, April is coming.

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    • Yes, I always look forward to April. We’ll see if I can maintain some more consistent writing when May rolls around. This April has been especially fruitful. And the most fun I’ve had writing poems in a long time. I’m really digging found poetry!

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