PoMoSco Day 6

Today’s poem: because we talk.

Other poems to read: lie still now by Margo Roby, Used to Wear Her Lights Splendidly by Nancy Chen Long, Golden Gates Opened by Misky Braendeholm, Crazytown by Gary Glauber, None of Us Have Felt Good by Barbara Young, and beautiful words above all by Barbara Crary. This prompt inspired some wonderful poems; I’ve enjoyed each and every one that I’ve read. I will definitely be reading more of these, not to mention writing more found poems like these.

I did amend yesterday’s post about the All Ears prompt, but here also are my recommendations for some poems to read: Snippets at a Chieftans’ Concert by Margo Roby, in the market for by Barbara Crary, About Nicholas, and… by Barbara Young, You’re gonna break everything one day by Gary Glauber, It’s a J, Not a G by Misky Braendeholm, Maybe She’ll Get a Good Picture of My A** by Pamela Sayers, and Running in Winter by Nancy Chen Long.

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