PoMoSco Day 2

Here is the “poem” I posted for today’s suggested prompt: tell journal.

While I don’t think this is a real poem, it was an interesting experiment. It definitely got me out of my comfort zone. I see how it could be used more loosely to inspire a poem and to find interesting turns of phrase. It’s been instructive in seeing how others used this idea. I’m curious to try it again with different types of source texts, as well as cutting out different types and lengths of phrases.

Amended: For an example of a poem that has been edited to make sense of dadaist nonsense, I suggest: Migration by Andrea Janelle Dickens.

4 thoughts on “PoMoSco Day 2

  1. I like “rewarded faces…angry faces” and–for some reason–” published of the meanings”

    but no, no matter who says what, full-on random is not poetry. It’s like that dumb tree that keeps falling.

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